The Unazoomer

My plans for the future

by Oliver Brotchie

I have been working on far too many things at the moment and it has most definatly been high time for me to clarify what those things are.

I am currently:

I will write further blog posts about the other tasks on the list at a later date, but for now:

I am proud to announce the CSS Fingerprinting library!

CSS Fingerprinting is a novel technique of tracking and gathering information on site visitors. This method exploits the nature of CSS to track various characteristics about the visitor’s browser and device and permentantly store ’hidden’ cookies that uniquely identifies a user. This technique avoids anti-tracking methods such as noScript, VPNs or browser extensions, as it requires no Javascript or Cookies to function.

If you are interested in seeing a pre-release or if your company is hiring, please shoot me an email over at [email protected]!

Stay tuned for more info in the next couple days. ✨